Author: Claire McCarthy

Give your child’s heart a healthy start

Little girl making heart shape with hands

February is heart month — a great time to think about heart health. While we tend to think of heart disease as an adult problem, it can start in childhood — and the health habits of childhood have everything to do with heart health as an adult.

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Five things to know about the flu


It’s flu season again. In fact, about half of every year, from September to March, is “flu season.” Despite the fact that we spend half of our lives in flu season, there are lots of misconceptions about this common and sometimes deadly virus. Here are five important facts about the flu that not everyone knows:

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Help your children succeed: Let them play

A child engages in lego play

If you want to make sure that your child succeeds, make sure that they … play.

The job of children, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), is to play. In fact, the AAP has a policy statement about the importance and power of play — and encourages pediatricians to do everything they can to get children to play — even writing prescriptions for it.

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Teens and discipline: Too old for time-out

Mother disciplines teen boy on couch

When we think of discipline, we tend to think of young children. We tend to think about tantrums, about teaching them to be polite and tell the truth and not fight with their siblings and other children. We don’t think as much about teens.

But teens need discipline too, just as much. In some ways, they need it more: not only do they need to learn how to behave responsibly as adults, but the stakes are higher. It’s one thing when you fall off a jungle gym, and quite another when you drink and drive.

The kind of discipline teens need is similar to the discipline you’ve (hopefully) used since they were small, but needs to take into account that they are on the cusp of independence. Here are four tips for disciplining teens:

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