Author: Abby DiCocco

My scoliosis story: One year later—celebrating surgery

Abby after scoliosis surgeryI’m Abby DiCocco. I am 12, and I have scoliosis. One year ago, on June, 5, 2014, I had magnetic rods, called MAGEC rods, surgically implanted in my back to help fix the curve. I was the first person at Boston Children’s Hospital to get the magnetic rods.

It was pretty amazing to be the first, but I was a little scared, too.

Before my surgery, the curvature in my spine was 65 degrees. After my surgery, it was only 10 degrees, a major difference.

My life is mostly all fun and games now, thanks to the surgery. Without the magnetic rods, I would be in the hospital constantly and out of school more than once every three months.

If life was like that, maybe I wouldn’t be so happy all the time, and my friends and I might not sing “Space Unicorn” all the time, and we might not love “Five Nights at Freddy’s” so much either.

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