ABC News documentary series airs tomorrow

Boston Med, the ABC News documentary series about three major Boston hospitals, including Children’s Hospital Boston, airs for the first time tomorrow night at 10 p.m. Early reviews are fantastic, which adds to the growing sense of excitement here at Children’s as the show’s debut approaches.

Film crews spent months following Children’s staff and patients, capturing their medical conditions and treatments, and all the emotion that accompanies life in a hospital. Led by executive producer and Peabody Award winner Terence Wrong, the thousands of hours of footage was edited into eight one-hour episodes that weave together the lives of patients, caregivers and their families.

Here at Thrive we have yet to get a sneak peak of the action, but based on what some major media outlets are saying, we’re eagerly awaiting tomorrow night.

The New York Daily News: “Few shows have it all. ABC’s limited-run documentary “Boston Med” is one of them. Triumph and tragedy. Humor and a heart. Best yet, it’s all real, which makes the roller coaster of emotions of “Boston Med” all the more powerful than anything Hollywood’s best could create.”

The Kansas City Star: “It’s such compelling television that one wonders why reality-show producers need to cheat and fudge the reality of their content to make shows watchable.”

The Boston Globe: [Quoting Wrong’s response to an emotional story line surrounding a Children’s family] “’The moment that always makes me tear up is when the father of the newborn who has just had heart surgery is at the airport, and he had missed nine months of the pregnancy, and now it is time for him to go back to Iraq and fight, and who knows whether he’ll return uninjured,’’ says Wrong. “Part of you wants to scream, ‘Oh no. Please don’t go.’ ’’

Thrive is currently working with several Children’s families featured on Boston Med. Following select episodes, we’ll run exclusive content created by them to give our readers an in-depth and behind-the-scenes look at all the medicine, technology and human drama that unfolded the night before.

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