A cure for milk allergies? Part 7: Cooking at home with the Nasutis

Robyn Nasuti shares her tips on keeping her kitchen safe–no small feat, given that two out of her three children have severe food allergies. She also shows how she’s simplified home-made pizza night at her house.

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In last week’s video, we followed Brett Nasuti at school, where he runs Allergy Awareness Week to raise money for research. Brett is Children’s first patient to go through a new trial that could cure him of his severe food allergies. Hear what he and his classmates have to say.

Celebrity chef Ming Tsai, chef-owner of Blue Ginger restaurant in Wellesley, Massachusetts, is passionate about improving restaurant systems so people with food allergies can eat out safely. The father of a son who has had multiple severe food allergies, Tsai talks about what he’s learned as both a chef and a parent here.

In this video, the Nasutis take on their regular challenge of food shopping.

Watch a video of Brett taking his very first (tiny) sips of cow’s milk during Children’s trial.

Click here to see Children’s Allergy Program’s Director, Lynda Schneider, MD, explaining the milk allergy trial.

To watch the first video in the series, in which Brett and his mom, Robyn, talk about what it’s been like for their family to live with his life-threatening condition and their hopes for the trial’s outcome, click here.

To read Robyn’s account of what it was like when she found out about Brett’s severe allergies, click on excerpt from her diary.

Check back next week to see if Brett succeeds!

Next week, we’ll post the final video in our series. Watch Brett take the long-awaited final milk challenge and find out if he passes- and is cured of his milk allergies.

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