A cure for milk allergies? Part 5: Celebrity chef Ming Tsai discusses his passion for food-allergy awareness

This week, our food allergy series continues with celebrity chef Ming Tsai, chef-owner of Blue Ginger restaurant in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Tsai is as a spokesperson for the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) and is passionate about increasing awareness and improving restaurant systems so people with food allergies can eat out safely. He’s also the father of a son who has had multiple severe food allergies. Here, Tsai talks about what he’s learned as both a chef and a parent.


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6 thoughts on “A cure for milk allergies? Part 5: Celebrity chef Ming Tsai discusses his passion for food-allergy awareness

  1. It’s good to see there are still people that has a passion in food allergy awareness. Thanks to Ming Tsai, allergic people can eat in a restaurant worry-free.


  2. I would make it a point to eat at Ming Tsai’s restaurant if we ever end up travelling over to the USA for a holiday from Australia.

    We have never been to eat in – in over nine years, where you don’t have to look up at a menu. It’s just to risky, since the staff aren’t aware of what they have to do to make it safe for those with anaphylaxis.


  3. Ming Tsai is an inspiration to us all and a great advocate for food allergic people. On the topic of restaurants not being safe I would like to say that we have successfully eaten in many restaurants with proper planning. Here in the US there is a lot of education going on and in Massachusetts there is additional training in restaurants about food allergies. Chefs and waitstaff are being educated and we’ve found them willing to help in most situations. There have been places we didn’t feel comfortable and we left. But there are many caring people in the restaurant industry who are willing to use separate pots and pans, and have one person dedicated to your food.

    You may even want to consider Disney World on your next holiday. They have a whole department dedicated to helping your family eat safely throughout the parks. It was an amazing experience for us to all eat at the same restaurant.
    Good luck!

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