A call to action: Ban bullying

ban bullyingThere has been nationwide coverage of the tragic event involving the death of the South Hadley, Mass. teen, Phoebe Prince. This is not the first incidence of a youth’s suicide being linked to bullying.

Thrive previously covered Massachusetts lawmakers attempts to pass anti-bullying legislation. Within the last couple of weeks, due to the recent event, this legislation has taken on new urgency.

We’ve heard a lot from adults on this issue, but what about the teens? Youth adviser, Erica Cueves, from Children’s Center for Young Women’s Health, wrote a piece on their blog about the death of Phoebe Prince, how bullying affects all teens (even those not directly bullied) and what should be done to stop it.

This is a serious issue that deserves our attention. We’d like to hear from you about any experiences your child has concerning bullying and what you think should be done to stop it.

Anti-bullying resources can be found on the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center’s website.

Read this Live Science article about studies that reveal why kids get bullied and rejected.