60 Minutes will feature Children's epilepsy research

UPDATE: Watch the 60 Minutes piece and read Frances Jensen’s post about why funding epilepsy research is so important.
60 MinutesDid you know that epilepsy affects over 3 million people in the United States? Despite the fact that it affects more people than Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis combined, the disease and its causes remain stubbornly bewildering. Tomorrow, the news program 60 Minutes will feature the epilepsy research of Children’s Frances Jensen, MD. You can watch a preview here.  If you use Twitter, please help us promote the episode by tweeting “http://bit.ly/1t2wdK – tune in to 60 Minutes this Sunday to see Children’s Hospital docs talk about epilepsy.”

Read about how one young girl fought epilepsy and won.

2 thoughts on “60 Minutes will feature Children's epilepsy research

  1. you h ave a story on your show on Sunday 10/25/2009 Re: Epilepsy. I think that this story was TOTALLY distorted as far as treatment. I work for a Neurologist and have a number of patients who suffer with the debilitating illness of Epilepsy..
    This report that was aired Oct. 25, 2009 was so one sided that I was ashamed to say that I work for the health care Industry.

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