140 characters about 140 years

Next week, Children’s Hospital Boston celebrates its 140th birthday, so if you have a Children’s memory or experience you’d like to share, Tweet us 140 characters about the hospital. twitter

And add #CHB to your Tweet so we know to keep an eye out for your reply.

We’ll post as many as we can on this blog, so start Tweeting!

2 thoughts on “140 characters about 140 years

  1. When my daughter, Maria, was born 4 weeks early, that fact was not a surprise at all. However, everything else surely was! Maria was born limp and apneic and had to be transported by the Children’s Hospital Transport Team to the NICU. She was intubated and had very low oxygen levels and needed to be on a high oscillator ventilator. I firmly believe if it wasn’t for the expert care my daughter received at Children’s Hospital in Boston she would not be here smiling today at age 11! Maria is just another Children’s Hospital miracle! Children’s will again perform more miracles in Maria’s life, as she will be having scoliosis surgery and a kidney transplant! Thank you, Children’s, for saving this special little girl’s life!

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